Homemade Italian Dishes Available Weekly

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The Italo-Canadian Club is a reception, conference and banquet facility and cultural club. Known for amazing food, Italian hospitality, and a beautiful ballroom, we have grown since 1963. The original club building and the land we are on was purchased and built by the Italian community. To this day much of the work is done by our Italian volunteers. We remain dedicated to being a social centre for Italians and Canadians.


The Nonnas and Nonnos are long-time members of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston who immigrated from Italy to Canada and now spend countless hours volunteering at the Club to share the Italian Culture with the Kingston and surrounding area to keep their beloved culture and recipes alive. 

The Nonnas are known for their sold-out Cooking with Nonna classes, where they demonstrate how to make traditional Italian dishes with grace, talent and humour. After seeing the Nonnas' success, the Nonnos decided it was their time to shine as well and have held a class teaching guests how to make classic Italian sausages. Before they were able to hold a second class, COVID-19 hit. Now, the Nonnas and Nonnos can't teach classes, but are still providing delicious meals for purchase as takeout and as a fundraiser to keep their beloved club afloat during this difficult time.